AIO Exercise with Michael Day 11

Hi I am Michael. We’ll start Day 11 of All In one Exercise.Today We Will do exercise for muscle strength part as it is Day 11 It’ll take us approximately 10 mins

Let’s start.

Once you have achieved your baseline results, make sure to incorporate activities that increase the muscular endurance in the major muscles of body into your general fitness regimen.

Workouts exercise that focus on building muscle strength include:

Step 1: Squats exercise

Step 2:Pushups exercise

Step 3:Planks exercise

Step 4:The Rows exercise

Step 5: The Lunges exercise

Step 6: A chest pressed.

Step 7: Press your shoulders back & forth.

Step 8:Curled-up the arms

That’s It, we are done for today!

See you tomorrow.

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