AIO Exercise with Michael Day 16

Hi I am Michael. We’ll start Day 16 of All In one Exercise.Today We Will do exercise for lose arm fat part as it is Day 16.It’ll take us approximately 10 mins

Let’s start.

Step 1: Focus on Weight Loss as a Whole. As the name suggests, spot reduction is an exercise method that targets a single area of your body, such as your arms.

Step 2:Begin weight training.

Step 3:Increase Your Fiber Consumption.

Step 4:Increase Your Consumption of Protein.

Step 5:Increase your cardiovascular exercise.

Step 6:Reduce Your Refined Carbohydrate Consumption.

Step 7:Set an Alarm to Remind You to Go to Sleep.

Step 8:Keep Yourself Well-Fluidized.

That’s It, we are done for today!

See you tomorrow.

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