AIO Exercise with Michael Day 2

Hi I am Michael. We’ll start Day 2 of All In one Exercise.Today We Will do exercise for the  legs part as it is Day 2.It’ll take us approximately 10 mins

Let’s start.

Step 1: Pause and hold

  • Pause & contract your muscles during leg workouts.
  • This additional muscular contraction aids in muscle strength maintenance. Squats and bridges are two examples of moves that work well for this.

Step 2: Take some time to stretch your legs.

  • Legs should not be overworked.
  • This has the potential to hinder recovery and weaken muscles.
  • Instead, take some time to relax your legs.
  • This will give your muscles time to recover and grow stronger.

Step 3 : The non-dominant leg should be used for this step.

  • Take the reins from time to time on your less dominant side.
  • You should do this when walking or climbing stairs.
  • It’s possible to get muscle imbalances by always leading with your dominant leg.

Step 4: The use of a foam roller

  • Foam roller workouts for the legs are essential to a speedy recovery.
  • Muscle spasms are reduced, and damaged tissue is realigned.
  • The use of a foam roller might also help you get better results from your workouts.

That’s It, we are done for today!

See you tomorrow.

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