Meditation With Rebecca Day 23

Hi I am Rebecca. We’ll do Mindful Meditation on 23th day!

Let’s start.

If you’re interested in trying to Candle meditation at home, follow these steps:

A lovely script for dealing with loss and sadness is the candle meditation. The candle’s symbolism might aid in mental focus.

Step 1: Look for a candle that has almost run out of wax. Ensure there is sufficient wax to last up to 25 min.

Step 2: Step inside a dim space.

Step 3: Focusing on the candle, take a seat comfortably.(3 minutes)

Step 4 : Again Remind yourself for 1 minutes that when the past passes away, you will be free of it.

Step 5 : Repeat step 4 again.

Step 6 : Focus your eyes on the candle.(2 minutes)

Step 7 : The mantra “I release you, with this flame should be repeated in reference to the grief you are hanging on to.

That’s It, we are done for today!

See you tomorrow.

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