Meditation With Rebecca Day 29

Hi I am Rebecca. We’ll do Mindful Meditation on 29th day!

Let’s start.

Today we work on the same steps.

If you’re interested in trying to Grief meditation to release at home, follow these steps:

This guided meditation will allow you to respect the deceased person and relationship while also releasing them.

Step 1: Chat with them( 2 minutes).

Step 2: Think about the words “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” and “thank you” for the next 35 breaths.

Step 3 : Imagine them saying things you want to hear for the next 32 breaths, such “I forgive you.”

Step 4 : 12 more breaths, please. Feel their presence here.

Step 5 : Repeat Step 3.

Step 6 : In the water, let go of the item and say, “I release you,” then watch it float away(4 minutes).

Step 7 : Repeat Step 4.

That’s It, we are done for today!

See you tomorrow.

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