Meditation With Rebecca Day 32

Hi I am Rebecca. We’ll do Mindful Meditation on 32th day!

Let’s start.

If you’re interested in trying to improve concentration meditation at home, follow these steps:

Focused Meditation is a good way to improve your concentration and focus.

Step 1:  Find something to concentrate on.

Step 2: To begin, you are welcome to hold an item, which you can do right away.

Step 3 : Start by putting your eyes to sleep and paying close attention to your inhalations and exhalations while taking slow, deep breaths.

Step 4 : Now start concentrating on your target.

Step 5 : When you have something in your hands, take a time to briefly open your eyes and examine it, taking in all the little features.

Step 6 : Put your eyes again back gently closed.

That’s It, we are done for today!

See you tomorrow.

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