Privacy Policy for Albari News

(A) This Notice
This Notice describes how your Personal Data may be processed by us. Please monitor this Notice for changes as it may be altered or
updated from time to time.
Albarinews Media Network, its subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively, “Albarinews”, “we”, “us”, and “our”) are issuing this Notice to
individuals outside our organisation with whom we interact, such as customers, visitors to our Sites, App users, and other users of our
services (collectively, “you”). In Section (S) below, defined terminology used in this Notice are explained.
Albarinews is the Controller for the purposes of this Notice. Section (R) below contains contact information.
This Notice may be changed or updated from time to time to reflect changes in our practises for the Processing of Personal Data or
changes in the legislation. We encourage you to read this Notice carefully and to return to this page on a frequent basis to review any
changes we may make in compliance with its requirements.

(B) Collection of Personal Data
Summary – Collection of Personal Data
When you download, install, or use any of our Apps; when you visit our Sites; when you register to use any of our Sites, Apps, or services;
or when you interact with any third party content or advertisement, we may collect or obtain Personal Data about you: directly from you
(e.g., when you contact us); in the course of our relationship with you (e.g., if you end up making a purchase); when you end up making
your Private Information public (e.g., if you make Third parties may potentially provide us with Personal Data about you (e.g., law
enforcement authorities).
Personal Data Collection: Personal Data about you may be obtained from the following sources:
• Information you provide: When you submit us with personal information, we may access it (For example, when you contact us by email,
phone, or other methods, or when you give us your contact information).
• Interaction data: During the normal course of our relationship with you, we may acquire or obtain your Personal Data, such as through
social media (for example, if you make a public post about us, we may gather information from your social media profile(s)).
• App data: When you acquire or use one of our Apps, we may collect or access your Personal Data.
• Site data: Whenever you visit any one of our Websites or use any of the features or resources provided on or through a Site, we may
collect or access your Personal Data.
• Registration information: When you use, or subscribe to use, any of our Websites, Apps, or services, we may collect or access your
Personal Data.
• Information regarding content and advertising: If you interact with third-party material or advertising on a Premises or in an App, we
may obtain Private Information about you except that third person.
• Information from third parties: We may acquire or obtain your Personal Data from third parties (e.g., credit reference agencies; law
enforcement authorities; etc.).

(C) Creation of Personal Data
Summary – Creation of Personal Data
Personal Data about you may be created by us (e.g., data of your interplay with us).
Where applicable, we may additionally create Private Information about you, such as records of your contacts with us and details of your
purchasing history.

(D) Categories of Personal Data we may Process
Summary – Categories of Personal information we may Process
Your private details (e.g., your name); demographic characteristics (e.g., your age); personal details (e.g., your address); records of your
gives consent; purchase details; credit card info (e.g., your billing address); details regarding our Apps and Sites (e.g., the form of gadget
you are using); information about your employer (where relevant); information about your conversations with our content or marketing;
and any views or viewpoints you offer to us are all examples of information we may process.
The main descriptions of Personal Data concerning you may be processed by us:
• Personal information: given name(s); preferred name; and images.
• Demographic details: gender; date of birth / age; nationality; greeting; title; and language fondness.
• Contact information, including your mailing address, phone number, and email address, as well as information about your public online
profiles (s).
• Consent records: a list of any consents you’ve granted, including the date and time, method of consent, and any other related details
(e.g., the subject matter of the consent).
• Purchase information: a list of purchases and their pricing.
• Billing information; payments; bank account details or banking information; consumer or accountholder identity; card or account
secret service; card ‘valid from’ date; and card expiration date BACS information; SWIFT information; IBAN information; payment
quantity; payment date; and check records
• Device type; software platform; browser type; internet explorer settings; IP address; supervised learning; dates and times of integrating
to a Site; App usage statistics; App configurations; dates and times of trying to connect to an App; location data; and other technical
information and communication details (some of which may represent Personal Data); username; passcodes; security login details; usage
data; accumulate statistical data
• Organization details: if you communicate with us as a worker, your employer’s name, address, contact information, and email address,
to the extent applicable.
• Content and marketing information: records of your conversations with our online marketing and subject matter, records of marketing and
subject matter showcased on webpage or Software computer monitors showcased to you, and any communication you may have about such
information or marketing (which include cursor lingers, mouse movements, and any multitouch interactions).
• Your thoughts and opinions: any thoughts and opinions you communicate and/or choose to communicate to us or publicly post about everyone
on social media sites.

(E) Lawful basis for Processing Personal Data
Summary – Lawful basis for Processing Personal information.
We might Process your Private Information if you have given us your prior, explicit permission; the Processing is allowed by existing
legislation; the Processing is essential to protect the strategic interests of any persons; or we have a genuine reasonable belief in the
Depending on the context, we may rely on one or more of the aforementioned legal basis for processing your Personal Information for
marketing purposes set out in this Intimation:
• Agreement: We may Sequence your Private Information if we have gained your prior, written permission (this legal justification is only
used in regard to Processing that is wholly voluntary – it is not utilised in any way for Processing that is essential or mandatory).
• Contractual requirement: We may process your Private Information if it is required for the performance of any contract you may have
had with us.
• Adherence to relevant legislation: We may collect personal Information Automatically if this is described in this privacy policy.
• Vital preferences: We may Process your Personal Data if we have a vested interested in having to carry out the Processing for the
purpose of trying to manage, operating, or promoting our enterprise, and that legitimate attention is not overruled by your preferences,
fundamental rights, or freedoms.
• Valid interests: We may Collect information if we have a reasonable belief in carrying out the Computation for the purpose of having to
manage, operating, or trying to promote our business, and that genuine interest is not unduly influenced by your interests, constitutional
protections, or liberty

(F) Sensitive Personal Data
Summary – Sensitive Personal information.
We do not intend to collect or process your Client Confidential Data in any way. When we need to handle your Personal Sensitive
Information for a valid reason, we do so in compliance with the law.
In the usual course of our business, we do not aim to acquire or otherwise Process your Sensitive Personal Data. When processing your
Sensitive Personal Data becomes essential for whatever reason, we rely under one of the following statutory provisions:
• Adherence to applicable laws: We may process your Personal Sensitive Data if it is needed or authorised by relevant law (for example,
to meet our diversity reporting duties or to record and create content for journalistic reasons).
establish Long – term, exercise, or defence of basic protections: We may Processing your Personal Sensitive Data if the Processing is
essential for the institution, exercise, or preservation of legal rights (such as the detection of fraud); or
• Consent: We may Procedure your Private And sensitive Data if we have acquired your prior, full permission to Handle your Personal
Identifiable Data in line with the rules (this legal justification is only used in relation to Computation that is entirely optional – it is not
used in any way for Computation that is necessary or compulsory).

(G) Purposes for which we might Process your Personal information
Summary – Purposes for which we might Process your Personal information
We may use your Private Information for the following reasons: offering services to you; journalism reasons; trying to operate our Apps
and Sites; communicating with you; trying to manage our Information systems; workplace safety; money planning; conducting surveys;
maintaining the safety of our venue and systems; collecting evidence as needed; compliance with relevant law; and trying to improve our
Sites, Apps, and assistance.
• Care provided to you: supplying our Sites, Apps, or assistance to you; supplying you with offerings that you have requested; supplying
you with promotional products at your invitation; and interacting with you in regards to those services are some of the purposes for
which we could Process Personal Information, subject to relevant legislation.
• Journalistic goals include the creation, selection, and presentation of material and media in sound, video, print, internet, broadcast, as
well as other formats for news, current events, education, and entertainment; news gathering; and editorial reasons.
• Our Sites and Apps: administering and maintaining our Sites and Apps; offering material to you; presenting advertising and other data
to you via our Sites and Apps; contacting and engaging with you via our Sites and Apps; and alerting you of changes to either of our Sites,
Apps, or offerings.
• Correspondence: communicating news pieces and other details to you via any implies (including inbox, phone line, email or text, social
networks, post, or in person), subject to making sure that such communication systems are supplied to you in accordance with applicable
laws; regularly updating your contact details where suitable; and acquiring your prior, opt-in permission where needed.
• Telecommunications and IT operations: administration of our communications networks, IT security mode of operation, and IT perform
• Safety and health: risk assessments and record-keeping, as well as adherence to relevant legal duties.
• Sales, accounting, corporate audit, and supplier relationships are all aspects of financial management.
• Surveys: communicating with you to collect your feedback on our services or other subjects, third-party products and services, and
other topics such as news and current events.
• Physical and technological security of our premises (including records of visitors to our facilities and CCTV recordings); and (including
login records and access details).
• Investigations: discovering, investigating, and preventing policy violations and criminal offences in line with the law.
• Legal proceedings: creating, exercising, and maintaining legal rights are all part of the legal process.
• Legal compliance: adhering to all appropriate legal and regulatory duties.
• Improving our Sites, Apps, and Services: detecting problems with our Sites, Apps, and services; planning enhancements to our Sites,
Apps, and services; and developing new Sites, Apps, and services

(H) Disclosure of Personal information to third parties
Summary – Disclosure of Personal information to third parties
Policy and institutional authorities; our external consultants; our Processors; any party as required in connection with judicial cases; any
party as required for investigating, designed to detect, or trying to prevent major crimes; any purchaser of our company or organization;
and any third-party suppliers of advertising, plugins, or subject matter used on our Sites or Apps are among the parties to whom we may
disclose your Private Information.
In compliance with applicable legislation, we may release your Personal Data to other businesses within the Albari news group for work
purposes (such as operating our Websites and Applications and delivering services to you). In addition, we may share your Personal Data
to the following parties: • legal and regulatory agencies, upon request, or for the purpose of obtaining information any actual or
suspected violation of relevant rule or policy;
• third-party Chipmakers (such as disbursement service suppliers, ocean carriers, and so on), located elsewhere in the globe, subject to
the prerequisites noted below in this Segment (H); • any relevant person, police agency, or court, to the extent required for the
institution, exercise, or defensive performance of basic protections;
• any other party with a significant interest in the prevention, examination, detection, or punishment of criminal offences or the
imposition of criminal sanctions, including the discovery and prevention of risks to public safety;
• other third-party acquirer(s) in the case that we sell or convey all or a portion of our company or assets (including in the case of
reorganization, dissolution, or bankruptcy);
• any 3rd supplier if our Websites or Applications employ third-party advertising, applications, or content. Your Private Details may be
shared with the applicable third-party provider if you choose to engage with such advertisements, plugins, or material. Before dealing
with that third party’s ads, plugins, or material, we urge that you read their privacy policies.
If we use a third-party Microcontroller to Handle your Personal Information, the Processor will be bound by contractual obligations to: I
only Handle the Personal Data in line with our previous specific instructions; and (ii) take reasonable steps to protect the Personal
Information’s security and confidentiality, as well as any other legal requirements.

(I) Profiling
Summary – Profiling
The Processing of your Personal information might include automated decision-making, Includes the Profiling.
The Processing of your private information may include automated decision-making, includes the Profiling, which is preformed out for
the following purposes:
Profiling activity
Logic of the Profiling activity
Consequences for you
Personalized Content
We may examine your website/app activity in conjunction with publicly accessible data and third-party data. This information might be
used to select the most relevant content and/or services for customers.
Because of the profiling activities, you may see material on our site differently than other users. Unless compelled by law or our policy,
we need not make any material inaccessible.
Geographical Content
We may make use of your geographic origin data. This data will be used to ensure that you can only see access to content relevant to your
Because of the profiling activities, you may be unable to access some content or services. Unless compelled by law or our policy, we do
not render any material inaccessible.

(J) International transfer of Personal Data
Summary – International transfer of Personal information
Your Personal Data may be transferred to receivers in other countries. We utilise Standard Contractual Clauses for transferring Personal
Information from the EEA to a destination outside the EEA who is not in an Adequate Jurisdiction.
We may need to transmit your Personal Data inside the Albarinews group, as well as to third parties as mentioned in Section (H) hereof,
in accordance with the purposes set forth in this Notice, due to the worldwide nature of our company. As a result, we may transmit your
Personal Data to countries where the laws and data security compliances differ from those in the country where you are based.
We utilize Standard Behavioral Clauses to transfer your Personal Data from the EEA to recipients situated outside the EEA who are not in
Adequate Jurisdictions. You can get a copy of our Service Is generally Clauses by contacting us at the address shown in Section (R) below.
Please be aware that we are not liable for any Personal Data sent directly to an Al Jazeera business located outside the European
Economic Area. Regardless, we will collect personal Information in line with the rules of this Privacy Policy from the time we receive it.

(K) Data security
Summary – Data security
We secure your Personal Data using suitable technological and organisational security methods. Please be sure that any Personal
Information you submit us is encrypted.
In accordance with applicable law, we have put in place appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your
Personal Data from accidental or malicious destruction, loss, alteration, unlawfully disclosure, security breaches, and other wrongful or
unauthenticated forms of Handling.
So because web is an open standard, information transfer across it isn’t totally safe. Although we will take all reasonable steps to protect
your personal information, we cannot ensure the protection of information transferred to us over the internet; any such communication
is at your own responsibility, and you are essential for securing that any Private Information you give to us is delivered securely.

(L) Data accuracy
Summary – Data accuracy
We undertake every reasonable measure to guarantee that your Personally Data is valid and up-to-date, and that any errors are deleted
or corrected as soon as we become aware of them.
We take any reasonable precaution to guarantee that: • the Personal Data we Process is correct and up to date, as needed; and
• any inaccuracies in your Personal Data that we Process (in light of the objectives for that they are Shared) are promptly deleted or
We may ask you to validate the correctness of your Private Data from time – to – time.

(M) Data minimisation
Summary – Data minimisation
We undertake every reasonable precaution to keep the amount of your Personal Details we Process to a bare minimum.
We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Data we Process about you is restricted to the Personal Data that is reasonably
necessary for the purposes described in this Announcement.

(N) Data retention
Summary – Data retention
We go to great lengths to guarantee that your Private Details is only kept for as long as it is required.
We take all reasonable steps to guarantee that your Private Information is only processed for as long as is required for the reasons stated
in this Notice. The following factors will be used to determine how long we will keep your Personal Data:

  1. We will only keep copies of your Private Details in a form that allows you to be identified for as a while as:
    (a) we have such a lasting relationship with you (for example, if you use our services or are legitimately on our mailing list and have not
    stepped away); or (b) your Private Investigations are necessary for the lawful purposes set forth in this Notice, for that we have a
    legitimate and continuing legal foundation (e.g., where your private details are included in a contract between us and your worker),
  2. the duration of:
    (a) any relevant restriction period under relevant legislation (i.e., any period during which anyone may bring a legitimate title against us
    in link with your Private Information, or to which your Private Details may be pertinent); and (b) a two (2) month time period following
    the conclusion of such relevant statue of limitations (so if a claim is filed after the limitation period has expired, we have a considerable
    amount of time to discover any Private Information that is relevant to the complaint),
  3. Furthermore, if any relevant civil cases are filed, we may require the Following your Personally Data as long as is required to pursue
    those claims.
    Except to the extent that such data need to be evaluated in connection with just about any legal claim or any duty under applicable law,
    we will limit our Processing of your Private Information to storage and preserving the security of those data within the timeframes
    mentioned in sections (2)(a) and (2)(b) hereof.
    When the periods described in paragraphs (1), (2), and (3), to the contemplating a particular, have expired, we shall either:
    • permanently delete or destroy the relevant private details; or
    • anonymize the relevant private details.

(O) Your legal rights
Summary – Your legal rights
You may well have a set of rights under relevant legislation, including the correct would not provide your Private Details to us; the
provision of access to ones Private Details; the right to request correction of factual errors; the right to demand removal or restriction of
Following email address; the right to appeal to the User agreement; the right to get your Personal Data transmitted to another Console;
the withdraw at any time consent; and the right to appeal to the Handling of your User Information. Before we may give effect to your
rights, we may seek verification of your identification.
You may have a variety of rights in relation to the Collection of your Sensitive Personal Data, depending on relevant legislation, including:
• the right to have access to, or duplicates of, your Pertinent Personal Data, as well as knowledge of the nature, Handling, and disclosing of
those Pertinent Privacy Act (please take note that if you ever do not provide with your Private Information, we may not be allowed to
provide you with the greatest value of our Sites, Apps, or services – for example, we may not be able to process your orders even without
relevant info);
• the authority to make a lawful request:
• deletion of your Personally Identifiable Information; or
The processing of your sensitive personal data is restricted;
• The right to, for good reason, object to the processing of your relevant personal data on our behalf or on our behalf.
• The right to transfer certain relevant personal data, where applicable, to another person who is responsible in a structured, commonly
used and machine readable format.
• If we process your relevant personal data based on your consent, the right to withdraw this consent (such withdrawal will affect the
legality of the processing prior to receiving notice of such withdrawal). Please note that you do not interfere with the processing of your
personal data by relying on other available legal grounds);
• The right to complain to data protection authorities regarding the processing of relevant personal data by or on our behalf.
This does not affect your statutory rights.
To exercise one or more of these rights, or to ask questions about these rights, other provisions of this Statement, or the processing of
your personal data, please contact us as described in Section (R) below. Please use the details above. Please note that:
• You may be required to prove your identity before exercising these rights. When
• If your request requires the establishment of additional facts (for example, determining if the process is inconsistent with applicable
law), investigate the request as soon as possible before deciding what action to take.

(P) Cookies and similar technologies
Summary – Cookies and similar technologies
You can process your personal data by placing or reading cookies and similar technologies. See our cookie policy for more information.
When you visit a website or use the app, we may place cookies on your device or read cookies that are already stored on your device, if
we can obtain your consent whenever necessary in accordance with applicable law. can. We use cookies to record information about
your device, your browser, and in some cases your preferences and browsing habits. We may use cookies and similar technologies to
process your personal data in accordance with our cookie policy.

(Q) Direct marketing
Summary – Direct marketing
We may process your personal data in order to contact you with information about services that you may be interested in. You can
unsubscribe at any time for free. When we process your personal data to contact you by email, phone, direct mail, or other
communication format to send you information about services that you may be interested in. there is. When we serve you, we use the
contact details you provide and always follow applicable law for information about our services, future promotions, and other
information that may be of interest to you. May be sent. You can unsubscribe from the promotional email list at any time by simply
clicking the unsubscribe link included in all the promotional emails you send. After withdrawal, no promotional email will be sent, but
we may continue to contact you if necessary for the purpose of your desired service.

(R) Contact details
Summary – Contact details
If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding the information in this notice or any other questions related to the
processing of personal data by or on our behalf, please contact us below.
Legal Department
Albari News Media Network
Contact us online.

(S) Definitions
• “Apps” means all applications that we make available (including making such applications available through third-party stores,
marketplaces, etc.). • “Appropriate jurisdiction” means a jurisdiction officially identified by the European Commission as providing the
appropriate level of protection for personal data. • A “cookie” is a small file that is placed on your device when you visit a website
(including our website). In this notice, references to “cookies” include analog technologies such as web beacons and clear GIFs.
• “Responsible” means the agency that determines how and why personal data is processed. In many legal systems, administrators have
a primary responsibility to comply with applicable data protection laws. • “Data Protection Agency” means an independent public
authority that is legally required to monitor compliance with applicable data protection laws.
• “EEA” means the European Economic Area. • “Personal data” is information that is relevant to an individual or that can directly or
indirectly identify an individual, especially by reference to identifiers such as names, identification numbers, location data, online
identifiers, or. Other factors inherent in a person’s physical, physiological, genetic, spiritual, economic, cultural or social identity. •
“Processing”, “Processing” or “Processed” means whether collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, conformation or
modification, acquisition, query, use, disclosure by transmission, etc. are automated. Regardless, it means all operations related to
personal data, distribution or other provisions, comparisons or combinations, restrictions, deletions or destructions. • “Processor” means
a natural person or legal entity that processes personal data on behalf of the responsible person (excluding the responsible employee). •
“Related personal data” is personal data managed by us. It does not explicitly contain personal data for which we are not responsible. •
“Confidential personal information” means race or ethnicity, political opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs, labor union
membership, physical or mental health, sexual life, actual or alleged It means personal information about a crime or punishment, a
national identification number, or other information. Being under applicable law can be considered sensitive. • “Standard Contract
Clause” means a model carry-forward clause adopted by the European Commission or adopted by a data protection agency and approved
by the European Commission. • “Site” means the Website operated or maintained by us or on our behalf.

Last updated on: 16/01/2022.