Terms and Conditions of Use

Published On 16 Jan 2022

  1. User Obligation
    By using and / or visiting this site (the “Site”), you have declared
    your consent and consent to these Terms of Use and all other Terms
    of Use that may be introduced to this Site at any time by
    Albarinews. Will be. Accessing, using, participating in, and / or
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    to comply with these Terms of Use. Albarinews reserves the right to
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    online. You are responsible for referencing and complying with
    these Terms of Use when accessing the website. If you do not agree
    to any of these terms, please discontinue use of this site
    In the event of a conflict between these general conditions and the
    specific rules and/or conditions of use appearing on this website
    and relating to a particular document, the latter shall prevail apply.
  2. Terms of Use
    Use of this site is permitted only for legitimate purposes, in a
    manner that does not infringe the law and the rights of third
    parties, or in a manner that does not limit the use and use of this
    site by third parties. This limitation includes, but is limited to,
    harassment, defamatory behavior, obscene or offensive content,
    offensive language, distress to third parties, and other acts that may
    be considered inappropriate. It will not be.
    We hereby warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and / or
    have all necessary permission and consent, including the consent of
    a legal guardian or parent to use this website. We also enter into
    these Terms of Use and ensure that you have the ability and ability
    to comply.
  3. Data Submissions
    User information or other data may be sent or published at various
    locations on the Site (“User Input”). This includes personal
    information, photos, videos, audio material, scripts, articles,
    opinions, or other forms of material. The following conditions
    apply to such user submissions:
    3.1 By submitting materials to this site, you agree to grant an
    irrevocable and unlimited global license to your submissions to
    Albarinews. This includes the right to use and distribute some of
    your users. Submissions may be modified, modified or deleted on
    any platform or medium at their sole discretion.
    3.2 User Submissions may be used by Albarinews for any purpose,
    including, but not limited to, reproduction, broadcasting,
    broadcasting, editing, cutting, reformatting, conforming,
    publishing, or other uses in its sole discretion.
    3.3 You are solely responsible for your own submissions and all claims,
    damages, rights of third parties, and any legal action or process
    resulting from the use or submission of this material.
    3.4 By submitting your post, you have the right to submit such material
    and receive all permissions, licenses, consents, rights, and
    permissions that Albari News needs to use it. Prove, represent, and
    warrant that. Materials that include rights to patents, trademarks,
    trade secrets, copyrights, or other proprietary rights in your
    3.5 You have received all rights from the rights owner to send
    materials and / or information and grant the licenses described here
    to Albari News.
    3.6 In addition, any material or information that constitutes civil
    liability or criminal, illegal, obscene, slanderous, slanderous,
    political, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially
    offensive, punishable. I promise not to send. , Or internationally
    accepted norms and ethical codes.
    3.7 You may send, distribute, display, copy, cut, edit, revise, delete,
    sell, or modify your material or information to Albarinews without
    limitation, globally, irrevocably, exclusively, royalty-free. Grant free
    and transferable licenses. Submit at Albarinews’ sole discretion on
    any media format and any platform. This license is not limited by
    duration or region.
    3.8 This transfers to Albarinews all rights of all kinds to this material
    around the world (by permanent assignment of current and future
    copyrights). This includes all its updates and withdrawals.
    3.9 Albarinews reserves the right and final decision in displaying user
    posts and under no circumstances are Albarinews obligated to
    display or include in part or in part of user posts on this site. Shall
  4. Data collection and use
    Albarinews may collect non-personally identifiable information
    about computers, mobile devices, or other devices used to access
    Albarinews online services, such as:
    This information helps to understand which pages Albarinews
    visitors visit and how much time they spend there. Albarinews uses
    the information it collects to enable you to use Albarinews’ online
    services to meet your requirements for specific products and
    services. B. Send an electronic newsletter and participate in
    services such as surveys and bulletin boards. In addition,
    Albarinews will use the collected non-personally identifiable
    information to improve the design and content of Albarinews’
    online services, deliver more relevant marketing messages and
    advertisements, and enable you to personalize your Internet
    experience. Albarinews’ online service is a trusted third-party server
    for non-personally identifiable website usage information about
    visitors for the purpose of service performance analysis and
    targeted coordination of Internet banner ads on other websites. I
    will send. For this purpose, Albarinews uses web beacons on this
    website in combination with cookies provided by third-party
    advertising servers.
    Albarinews automatically records certain usage information about
    your use of Albarinews’ online services. This information includes
    the browsing history of the pages you have viewed, the type of
    content you are viewing, and your interactions with online tools.
    This information is used to provide recommendations tailored to
    Albarinews’ online services based on your reading history. Log files
    are used aggregately to analyze the use of Albarinews online
    Albarinews has outsourced to a third party to provide information,
    reports and analysis on the use and surfing behavior of users of
    Albarinews’ online services. Third-party providers such as Google
    Analytics and Chartbeat track and analyze non-personally
    identifiable statistical usage and volume information from visitors
    and customers with Albarinews’ online services.
    These third-party services may place or recognize cookies, web
    beacons, or other technologies to track non-personally identifiable
    information about you. Albarinews may not access or control the
    use or use of cookies or other tracking technologies by third parties.
  5. Copyright and Other Intellectual Property
    The names, pics and emblems figuring out
    Albarinews, or any of its related businesses or 1/3 events and their
    services and products are proprietary marks of Albarinews, its
    related businesses and/or 1/3 events. Nothing contained herein will
    be construed as conferring with the aid of using any means, licence
    or proper beneathneath any change mark or patent of Albarinews,
    its related businesses or another 1/3 birthday birthday celebration.
    All copyright, change marks and different highbrow assets rights on
    this web website online (inclusive of the design, association and
    appearance and feel) and all fabric or content material furnished as
    a part of the web website online shall stay always the assets of
    Albari News or Albari News`s licensors. In gaining access to the web
    website online, or another web sites of Albari News, you
    compromise which you accomplish that handiest to your very own
    personal, non-industrial use. You might not agree to, allow or help
    in any manner any 1/3 birthday birthday celebration to copy,
    reproduce, download, post, store (inclusive of in another internet
    web website online), distribute, transmit, broadcast, commercially
    take advantage of or adjust in any manner the fabric or content
    material with out the previous written permission of an permitted
    officer the Albarinews.
  6. Third Party Sites / Links
    Albarinews is not responsible for the availability or content of any
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    risk and you must take all measures to protect against viruses or
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    Albarinews does not endorse and is not responsible for any content,
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    Albarinews or its affiliates, organizations or subsidiaries on the
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    copyright symbol.
  7. Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability
    You agree that your use of this site is your sole risk and
    responsibility. To the maximum extent permitted by law,
    Albarinews, its officers, directors, and agents disclaim all
    warranties, express or implied, in connection with the Website.
    Albarinews does not warrant, warrant, or warrant that the content
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    posts published on this website do not infringe the rights of third
    parties. Albarinews monitors the user’s posts posted on the site, but
    it is the user’s responsibility to clear all rights of third parties,
    obtain the required licenses, and obtain permission to post
    materials. , This will take full responsibility for all damages, costs
    and liability incurred. The result of user input. Information, names,
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    includes, but is not limited to, the implied warranties of satisfactory
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    The information and other materials contained on this site may
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    Reserve. In all cases, Albarinews and / or third parties may include,
    but are not limited to, indirect or consequential damages or
    damages, including, but not limited to, negligence or omission,
    indirect or consequential damages, or any type of damages. We
    shall not be liable for any damages not limited to these. It results
    from use, loss of use, loss of data or profits, whether as a result of
    contracts, negligence, or other acts arising out of or in connection
    with the use of the site. Albarinews does not warrant that the
    features contained on this site will be uninterrupted or error-free,
    that errors will be fixed, or that this site or the servers that make it
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    represent the full functionality, accuracy or reliability of the
    material. Albarinews may terminate, modify, suspend or
    discontinue any aspect of this site at any time without notice or
    liability, including the availability of site features.
  8. Indemnity
    You will indemnify Albarinews and all its employees, affiliates,
    subsidiaries, and partners from all claims, damages, costs, costs,
    and liability arising from your access to and / or use of this site. I
    agree to make it harmless. User contributions to this site.
    Understand that while using this site, you may be exposed to user
    input from various sources and may be exposed to inaccurate,
    offensive, vulgar, or potentially unwanted user input. I admit. In
    this regard, you waive any legal or equitable rights or remedies that
    you hold or may hold against Albarinews and law Albarinews and
    its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, and licensees. You agree to
    indemnify and disclaim to the maximum extent permitted in law.
  9. Law and Jurisdiction
    These general conditions are governed by and construed in
    accordance with international law. Any resulting disputes will be
    subject only to the jurisdiction of international courts. Any cause of
    action that you may have in connection with your use of this
    website must be commenced within one (1) year after the claim or
    cause of action arises.
    If any of these terms and conditions is held to be illegal, invalid or
    unenforceable by reason of the law of any state or country in which
    these terms and conditions are is deemed to be in force, then to the
    extent and jurisdiction in which this condition or condition is
    illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severable and purged
    from this provision and other terms and conditions shall survive
    and continue to be binding and enforceable.